Matrix-Q Sound


We research, create & produce experiences with sound, geometry, color, emotions, and body-awareness

  • Our products are dedicated to enhancing harmony, regeneration, and balance with sound
  • We provide energizing, vitalizing, and joyful experiences with sound: Workshops, challenges, games, concerts, coaching, training, concerts, travel, leisure, marketing, profiling
  • Innovation-based products, technology, and Akademia, to integrate the use of sound, frequency, and vibration in your daily life, personal growth, and business

Online Subscriptions to audio tracks, workshops, and e-workshops combined create in just 09 MIN a regenerating experience, to enjoy at work, at home, or while traveling.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

(More about Luis' Story)


Live Performance, Workshops

Regeneration Sessions

Luis provides his art live, in the Netherlands.

  • Performing with the HandPan, live experiential interactive concerts.
  • Workshops combining Hhandpan sounds, body, and emotional awareness
  • Private sessions are dedicated to boosting balance, deep relaxation, and guided self-regeneration.


Subscriptions (Listen now)

Recorded in a professional audio studio, in the Netherlands.

  • Music Albums, with digital audio tracks, HandPan Improv by Luis
  • Guided meditations: balance, regeneration, body awareness, to cultivate positive emotions and mindset with HandPan
  • Entertaining storytelling with HandPan


Subscriptions (Schedule it now)

Sound healing session includes

  • Sound-bathing
  • Hands-on energy healing
  • Conscious breathing
  • Sound-Yoga, Body-Yoga
  • Holistic Coaching

Facilitated indoors, outdoors and remote


Memberships (Schedule it now)

18 HandPan Sounds Workshops

To enhance your creativity, health, awareness, connection, balance, inspiration, quality time and to enjoy a leisure time

Facilitated indoors, outdoors and remote


Matrix-Q Research Institute

Matrix-Q Studio productions are created with Matrix-Q Sound Studio Knowledge, our founder's (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) research on nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, the mathematics of sounds, and codes of nature.

In his research, Luis discovered a fractal and quantum tool to generate 100s of frequencies, (binaural) tones, geometric patterns, and experiences with the human body, that are used today to design and create the Matrix-Q Studio Products. 



Since 1993, Luis utilizes multidisciplinary performing arts to inspire, create, and facilitate content in workshops and training programs.

In his words: "Multidisciplinary performing arts provides a new field of exploration and learning. We utilize the indirect method, in which the performer acquires self-knowledge and self-awareness through the practice of the art".

Our students, develop the ability to inspire, empower, and create a transformational impact in their audience's life, thanks to the impactful ability to tell stories, developed by utilizing the Matrix-Q Method


Multidisciplinary Innovation 

Human Consciousness

Human Inclusive 

Continuous research and exploration with Matrix-Q Sound Knowledge enable the creation of innovative smart applications, algorithms, and technological solutions, applications for human health (prevention), quality of life, mental health, education (learning), and work-life balance.

The Matrix-Q Methodology for brain performance enhancement and human self-regeneration is based on the use of Matrix-Q Sound, geometry, and colors. 

Matrix-Q Human Inclusive Technology requires human participation: human consciousness, emotions, and body awareness, in order to elevate the experience and outcome of utilizing the Matrix-Q Sound Technology, with human connection, human competencies, and human capacity to bond with nature' systems, that can not be replaced by technology.


Optimize Human Profiling 

Matrix-Q Holistic Data Driven Profiling Methodology 

With applications in the fields of education, coaching, training, health, business, human capital, marketing, branding, communication

Utilized also for the development of the Matrix-Q Brain GYM and Sonic Therapy, Brain Performance Enhancement & Sound Bathing Services

A recent upgrade integrates the use of frequency, sound and human potential to optimize the outcome of the profiling process.


Accelerated Holistic Learning 

We utilize a holistic gamified data-driven methodology

Our remote programs are provided in 1, 3, 9, or 12 days challenges

Subscribers should commit no more than 20 min daily

Challenges for diverse topics, introduced by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken at the Matrix-Q Studio YouTube Channel

In all the challenges subscribers learn and experience the use of frequency, sound, and vibration to enhance and accelerate learning

From marketing to health, communication, productivity, positive mindset, purpose quest, co-creativity, time management, strategic management, simplifying complexity, business systems, wealth generation, community and resilience, design thinking, circularity, learning, strategic thinking, leadership, multigenerational positive impulse, personal growth, spiritual growth, traveler mindset, family, relationships, parenting., and others

Meet our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 

"Your uniqueness is the solution to a challenge we are about to discover" ~ LDMF

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, experienced facilitator, and coach

Luis plays the handpan for diverse purposes, entertainment, leisure, positive mindset activation, coaching, training, skills training, and healing. Consciousnesses, meditation, sound yoga, stress release, work-life balance, preventive health ( sound therapy), brain performance enhancement, brain gym, empathy training, accelerated learning, manifestation and communication.

With a passion for personal growth and development, Luis Daniel has dedicated his life to guiding individuals and teams towards unlocking their true potential. (1993-)

Through his extensive travels and exploration of diverse cultures (1996-), he has gained valuable insights that shape his unique approach to coaching and facilitation. With a focus on bridging ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, Luis Daniel's Matrix-Q Methodology offers a holistic and transformative path for individuals to discover their purpose and embrace a traveler mindset.

Join us on this transformative journey led by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and unlock the power of purpose within you.

Handpan Sounds Coaching 

Discover the Power of Handpan Sounds in Accelerated Learning and Coaching

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve accelerated growth in your personal and professional life? Look no further! Our holistic data-driven methodology, combined with the enchanting sounds of the handpan, will take your learning and coaching experience to new heights.

Why Handpan Sounds?

Handpan sounds have a profound impact on our mind, body, and spirit. They create a harmonious and soothing environment that enhances focus, creativity, and overall well-being. By incorporating handpan sounds into every session, we create a unique and immersive experience that allows you to tap into your inner wisdom and unleash your true potential.

Holistic Data-Driven Methodology

Our approach is rooted in a holistic data-driven methodology that combines the power of analytics with the art of coaching. We believe in measuring, predicting, enhancing, and optimizing your capacity to accelerate your learning and growth. Our methodology ensures that every session is tailored to your specific needs and goals, maximizing your results and transforming your life.

What to Expect

- **Workshops and Challenges**:

Join our immersive workshops and challenges designed to ignite your passion and drive. Over the course of 12 days, you'll embark on a transformative journey, pushing your limits and expanding your horizons.

- **Sessions of 20 Minutes**:

Our bite-sized coaching sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. In just 20 minutes, you'll receive personalized guidance and support, helping you overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs.

- **eLearning and Outdoors Activities**:

Experience the best of both worlds with our blended learning approach. Benefit from our comprehensive eLearning resources, and then take your practice outdoors for hands-on experiential activities that deepen your learning.

- **Workbook and Games**:

Our carefully crafted workbook and interactive games provide a structured framework for your development process. Engage in thought-provoking exercises and playful activities that reinforce your learning and make the journey enjoyable.

- **Remote and In-Person Group Coaching**:

Choose the coaching format that suits you best. Join our virtual sessions from the comfort of your own home or participate in our in-person group coaching sessions for a more immersive experience. Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community.

- **Full Day Exclusive Sessions**:

For those seeking an intensive and personalized experience, we offer full-day exclusive sessions. Dive deep into your goals, challenges, and aspirations, and receive dedicated attention from our expert coaches.

Who is it for?

Our coaching and training services are specifically designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and CxOs corporate leaders who are committed to personal and professional growth. If you're ready to take your success to the next level and make a positive impact in the world, this program is for you.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your true potential and create a life and business that aligns with your purpose. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of handpan sounds in accelerated learning and coaching.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to book your first session or learn more about our programs.

Remember, the key to success lies within you. Let the enchanting sounds of the handpan guide you on your path to greatness.

The Matrix-Q Akademia of Primordial Knowledge

Would you like to become a cach-trainer, facilitator, consultant, designer, innovator, or entrepreneur?

Utilize the holistic data driven gamified accelerated learning methodology of the Matrix-Q Akademia

And acquire Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Knowledge. Learn how to utilize Matrix-Q Tools, Products & Methodology. Qualify to receive Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates and Licenses. 

Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive and holistic learning experience that integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, futurist vision, and innovative approaches to education. We offer certificates and licenses in four levels, allowing participants to progress and specialize in their chosen areas of interest.

The Matrix-Q Purpose-Driven Community

Join the Purpose Driven Community Mtoday and embark on a transformative journey towards living a purposeful life, making meaningful connections, and creating a positive impact in the world

In order to get invited to join us please schedule time with our founder Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, for an interview, and Q&A, to match you with a membership program.

We provide 12 levels of Membership fees, according to your road map, the positive impulse you have been creating as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and the level of commitment you prefer to take with our community.  We utilize a Matrix-Q Eligibility Scorecard to give up to 72% Off Vouchers.

Customers' Experiences

The Matrix-Q Technology & Methodology is new, developed with an innovative body of work and knowledge, research studies on human potential, nature inspired mathematics and frequencies. 

For this reason we appreciate our customers to share their experiences, to inspire our community

" The uniqueness of his thinking and approach lies in the fact that he has combined his research on ancient nature-inspired social and economic principles, with modern-day business and social models (...) The tools he has developed from here are of a holistic and mathematic nature, and at the same time can be applied to any type and size of an organization, as well as for individuals/leaders" ~ Monique van de Vijver. Solidaridad Network - International Innovation Leader

’ The handpan session has helped me to connect to my inner confidence & purity. Feeling grounded in my body through sound and movement.  In touch with my energetic waves through emotional and bodily sensations as time slows down and I become still in the present moment. This session with LDMF increases trust, capacity, and resilience in me, allowing me to focus on achievement areas in my daily life whilst balancing out my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state" ~ SG The Netherlands

" Vanmorgen een positieve mindset activiteit gehad van Luis ! Erg van genoten , mooie meditaties in het midden van het bos , liggend onder de varens ! Handpan muziek begeleiding erg mooi , bijzondere ervaring !" ~ EL, AM and KH

’Handpan sessions with LDMF can be very versatile, from energizing to grounding and relaxing. I have felt my fire, lifeforce, and divine power through movement, breath, and sound practices as well as deeply relaxing, regulating, and unwinding states. The sessions are adapted specifically to the individual (s’) needs and unfold in the magic of the present moment ✨ ~ SG The Netherlands

"Totally new - but at the same time relaxing and liberating" ~ JS The Netherlands

"If embraced and faced it will help you find your limits where you thought there were none. It is an opportunity to challenge and push your natural capacity, learn true strengths and resolve fears and weaknesses" Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

" Matrix-Q Contains a large amount of knowledge from different cultures all over the world. This knowledge is translated into practical exercises, which can be used immediately and which increase your personal well-being on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Step by step, you gain insights, growing at the pace that suits you " ~ Bianca Dekker, ICT, Agile & Scrummaster, The Netherlands

" Luis' expertise is novel and useful to organizational development." ~ Arno de Snoo, Lecturer at the International Development Management Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

" For quite some time I was feeling like I was not entirely using my capabilities. I was looking for new challenges but did not exactly know where to find them. Too many plans but no road to follow through. Noticing that I could not find my way out of this situation on my own. That’s when I came in touch with Matrix-Q Solutions headed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. His unique way of working helped me to explore my possibilities and find out what really inspired me. In a scientifically based method, I discovered under his professional guidance, I made my plans for a complete shift in my life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and stepped into a world that is much closer to my inner nature. I am not there yet but I am exploring, learning, developing, and growing every day using the tools and insights Luis provided me. And what is best: I am really enjoying it. " ~ Lida Wagensveld, In the transition from a banking and finance specialist to an advisor in Sustainable Living, The Netherlands

" This workshop " Matrix-Q Holistic Business Blue Print " provides a fresh perspective and a new approach to how to start rethinking and reimagining an approach to business that is aligned with creating a positive future. It does this by providing clear actionable steps that are a great foundation, while also providing ways and structures for moving beyond the basics. It is an engaging workshop that provides a much-needed fresh perspective that accounts for the full range of human experience. " Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

I have been working with Luis for a couple of weeks. Before the hassle of training and sports was holding me back, this however is a top combination of physical effort and mental relaxation with an inspiring coach. Recommended! ~ Peter Bolt, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

“I often have the feeling that I could use a different dimension of time, and today I understand why I am able to do it. The mindset e-test gave me a good insight about the set of skills I am using and also where I need to invest to improve my resources & as consequence my outcomes in life. This gave me peace of mind, direction & priority which was something I was missing. I understood that if I repeat the e-test results may change as I improve my conscious capacity so it also assures me that this direction is always there when I need it and that I can track my development. I can visualize that this tool can do. It will assist Nature’s natural selection: Humans are born with infinite possibilities, but due to repetitive actions fall into patterns of learning and behavior. This tool will improve sociocultural evolution, linking nature’s selection DNA to a sociocultural DNA (by assisting humanity to express the “9 qualities, principles of Matrix-Q” we can transmit it to the next generations as well. “ ~ Diana Bezugo, Therapist, Portugal

“Holistic Wealthability training has helped me reevaluate and rethink my own wealth creating capacity, it helped me discover and embrace wealth that goes beyond just survival and is also aligned to my values, interests and purpose.” ~ Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

“ The program pulls you out of your comfort zone and regular setting which creates new insights about colleges and the way team normally copes with situations. It stimulates creativity and exposes talents/weaknesses of the participants (…) an amazing tool for building and reviewing workflows.” ~ Lotte Lieuwen

“ I think this kind of training is very scarce in the Netherlands. It has really helped me with full body awareness and precision of movements. I also like the awareness of the surrounding aspect and the breathing techniques make me feel good about myself” ~ Vincent Elders, Environment protection consultant, The Netherlands

“ The Matrix-Q Methodology and work connects people, organizations and ecosystems of which we are all part. This holistic approach is crucial to be successful as well as sustainable. Innovation can only happen once we understand the dynamics of human behavior. Matrix-Q Knowledge connects the dots “ ~ Arnold Beekes, Business Consultant, The Netherlands

“ Money for me has been attached to ideas of lack, not enough, emotional muddle and more. During this retreat I came to feel that conditioning some more, and became aware o the conflict and paradox of that conditioning. The retreat includes a guided breathing meditation everyday, as well as talks that deconstruct the general conditioning many of us have around money, and how we earn a living. The retreat explores wealth in a bigger sense of what it means and valued that too. Very glad to have done it. It’s helped shift some useless concepts” ~ Irida Hysenbelli, Life Coach, The Netherlands

“ I had a challenge with one of my projects. Luis offered me a session to explore these challenges. The session was very insightful! Mostly because it helped me to look at this particular project from a different angle. It is hard to do that yourself as an insider. Luis developed an approach which is very professional. Besides that he is a good listener and inspirational. “ ~ Daan Modderman, Change Agent, Consultant, Better Future, The Netherlands

“ Remarkable talents in business management, planning and coaching. “ ~ Bosco Chang, CEO, Media and Animation, Germanix, Hong Kong

“ Unique at international level” ~ Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Vigil, Education & Clinical Medicine - Researcher, Mexico

“ Committing to a daily breathe practice opened a little space in my daily routine of being a mum, working and all the rest, to experience a slowing down become more present to my inner goings, which resulted in feeling softer and more loving to myself and my immediate relationships.. It helped me appreciate that 20 min or few mins spread out in the day breathing, going within, are worth far more than my linear, get things done, mindset can appreciate. I felt lighter, more flow in and around me, more open and receptive. At the end of the retreat I felt I learned new tools and realizes where I could make changes” ~ Irida Hysenbelli, Life Coach, The Netherlands